Brooke + Nick, Chateau De Vie Chandler, AZ Wedding

This venue was an absolute dream. I love it so much! Thank you again Nick and Brooke for having me at your Chateau De Vie wedding in Chandler, Arizona. Seriously, Chateau De Vie is a gorgeous old vacation home that is now being used asa wedding venue (for obvious reasons, its stunning! and huge!)

I am getting WAY Ahead of myself in this post. I was obviously pumped about the location, but even more so I was excited about their marriage. I cannot exactly remember when I met Brooke for the first time. We were either 11 or 12? She was one of my first friends when I moved here to Arizona from the Sacramento area. She is that FUN friend, the one who is always making everyone laugh, who stayed up the latest at the slumber party, and always had wise advice for any situation. She was exactly this way on her wedding day. She had fun, she was calm, she was caring for others. I am so excited that she is married to someone who is just as caring and who loves her so dearly. It was honestly an amazing thing to watch. They are so blessed to have each other!

Congrats again Nick and Brooke! Here are the photos from the gorgeous day.

Venue: Chateau De Vie in Chandler, Arizona

Second Shooter: Bre Kathleen Photography